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Karyln King

I am passionate about giving back and teaching others. If you love the Songs Are Spells podcast, hearing about how rock stars use magick in their lives, you might be thinking about how you can use this self development in your life. My fabulous guests like AURORA, the Anchoress, IDLES, Glen Matlock and Marcella Detroit have all discussed difficult and transformative journeys.


I am Dr Karlyn King, soon to be PhD in vinyl record culture. I have been on a long journey - no money, first person in my family to go to university and NOW in demand global freelance lecturer, speaker, published author, creator of this podcast and practicing witch! Not all witches fly about on brooms (as fun as that would be) and I have manifested many of the wonderful things in my life. Think of me as a personal guide for your spiritual glow up. You could read the books  - but will you?!? I’m here to explain powerful techniques such as the law of attraction, gratitude, manifesting and affirmations, coach you through each practical step, keep it entertaining & bring you into an amazing community of powerful beings, where you can expand your network. And we all know, its who you know... So what are you waiting for?


As Billie Eilish, Bruno Mars, Jay Z, Lana Del Rey and Ariana Grande know, (YES - they practice this!) a weekly bit of witchery does not take long - imagine how much power you would have if you kept this up? Get ready to level up - I've got your back. Once you subscribe you have full access to the entire back catalogue of pod episodes and exclusive Patreon episodes.  I also share how I apply this everyday to my own my real-world experiences. I have manifested the money for my career change into the music industry, my PhD fees, relationships and even specific podcast guests! And so can you! With a private Whatsapp group for £10 plus members you are always guided.  Join today, your inner witch will thank you. Karlyn xxx

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